Stacked BW-imp

I am a super klutz. I used to be one of those kids who went to ballet, gymnastics, tennis…for years I worked on poise, posture and coordination. It has been a struggle to overcome what I now see as pure genetics. I couldn’t help I was tall at an early age and have feet my grandmother always said “would hold me over in a windstorm”.

You know, now that I’m well sticken in years, LOL, I see it differently. The curse of height, big bones and long legs ain’t so bad. It takes one trip to Target in NoHo to fully get the effect. You’ll never lose me in that crowd as I’m about 3.5 feet taller than everyone else! I can see which checkout has the shortest line from the back of the store! This is a valuable skill.

Sorry, all this was brought on by tripping on a flip flop this morning and leaning a little too close to the edge of a balcony. I guess that’s why I appreciate the cowboy boots I live in. Flat, stable, solid. A nice firm base for planting my feet on the ground and climbing around some random ditch or hill. Snakeproof for the trails. In quirky fashion with anything you wear. See, It’s a trifecta of good goin’ on there! My husband thinks they’re freaky (and notes not many women wear ’em) but I don’t care.

I kept getting Grace in all the verses I read this morning. Grace from God is like that perfect pair of cowboy boots. It covers it all and give you a firm place to make your stand, it’s familiar and comforting. You know what? I guess I am graceful after all…just not in the traditional sense…it feels nice. Who really needs traditional anyhow? For now I’ll be content to capture the ethereal and graceful with my camera…

Happy Wednesday to you!


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