Arrested in No Man’s Land

singular P-imp

Waited for a freight train today and saw some ducks in a drainage ditch…once the train went past of course I had to investigate…

To my surprise when I turned to leave (the ducks were cool, but scared and took off) I saw this beauty in the middle of the wasteland between the tracks and the fenced off drainage ditch. It stopped me in my tracks. There wasn’t another anywhere around, it stood alone. Something about its beauty is just totally stark and perfect. Not a bruised petal, not a withered leaf. Not a blemish or a spot.

You know, that’s how God makes us. When you’re saved and born again, you’re just as beautiful as this flower. Not a blemish, a wrinkle or a spot to mar your loveliness in His sight.

Man, I wish He’d make me look like that on Earth LOL! My face is a WRECK! Aging ain’t bein’ kind, yo!


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