Brand New Days

Us at her HS Graduation

Us at her HS Graduation

I was texting with one of my former students today…she’s graduating from college June 11! It seems like a long time since I’ve seen her, but we stay in touch kinda often. Even if it’s just a random text message or an email, I love to hear from her.

Afterward, I was thinking of her new horizons. She’s coming from a lot of stuff that would have held people back. Her past brain tumors and lifelong seizure disorder would have kept most from pushing forward. Her grace under fire, strength, dogged persistence, and passion for doing what she loves (she’s a preschool teacher!) inspire me to quit whining about it all. I so admire her! You know what? I love her. I love who she is, who she’s become and who she’ll continue to grow to be. She amazes me.

Today I’m celebrating her. I’m looking forward to seeing her in another cap and gown in a few weeks. I can’t wait to wish her continued success in anything she does, ’cause I know she can do anything!


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