You’re an individual. In a sea of sameness, you have a unique identity. You’re gifted with special talents. Special quirks that make you, well, you. You possess something nobody else in the world has…

How do you share your beautiful individuality? Do you stand out in a crowd or choose to blend in? If you don’t stand out, why not?

Today, take the initiative. Take charge. Stand up for something. Stand out because you can. Stand taller in your shoes, even if they’re flats…because you, my friend, are special.

I just wanted you to know that. I wanted to let you know, I noticed…

Be well and have a wonderful week!



  1. Delilah · · Reply

    Are these snap dragons on Hueneme Rd??? Jesse keeps commenting on them.. Beautiful!!! You are wonderful my friend!!!


    1. They totally are! We’ve been passing them and I’ve been watching them for weeks…beautiful and they smell amazing! XO girlie!!


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