The Mighty Sack Race

The Mighty Sack Race

When was the last time you had one? I think for me it’s been like, well I dunno…field day in 7th grade? Adults, kids, kid wannabes- they were all flying through the air laughing their heads off! I think that the smile on Hoodie-Man says it all. This was a moment worth having.

In these times of uncertainty, economic hardship, lost hopes, and sagging morale, this afternoon was like a shot in the arm. I loved seeing the anticipation at the starting line. Once the whistle blows, they’re off. No strategy needed, just good legs and a willingness to put away your dignity for like three minutes.

This all came about because my husband and I were elected to figure out some games for our church’s park outreach. I don’t know how we got thinking about sack races, but I’m glad we did. It was a real blessing to us to see people getting together and having a blast. Simple pleasures.

I don’t know who had more fun, me or them…but I can’t get their smiles out of my mind. You know, maybe it isn’t about simplicity and putting the world on hold after all, maybe it’s about letting go…living courageously. That’s what God can do with your life everyday. No, not every day is gonna be a party. There are still tough times to be had, this is Earth. What there are though, are revelations about how to deal with this stuff that happens. A confidence that you’ve got backup that’s not gonna leave you stranded when it gets bad. A light left on so you don’t mightily stub the heck outta your toe in the middle of the darkness.

So get out there, dust off your feedsacks and hop on! Send me a shot of you when you do, I can’t wait to see your smile!


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  1. Delilah Medina · · Reply

    You & R did awesome!! I seriously think your smile was bigger than the contestants! Thank you for all your help!!


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