Shared Journey

Shared Journey

Today I had the incredible honor and pleasure to do a quick photoshoot for my wonderful friend and her beautiful family. There are so many reasons why this one is important…her son is going to Okinawa with the Marines very soon, her daughter is having a baby in the fall, her youngest daughter is coming into her own and embracing her vocal talent…

We all celebrate so many milestones, so many wonderful and even tragic things together with the people closest to us. I’m in awe of their strength and commitment to one another…I hope I did them justice in remembering a special day on their journey.

May the one, true God bless them and keep them in His hands on their journey through this life! Much love to them all!

[The click through is India Arie…”There’s Hope” A song that’s always never failed to make me smile and get my groove back…love her!]



  1. Delilah Medina · · Reply

    Ohhh my make me cry with your words!! You are such a blessing to have as a friend… Thank you for everything mija!


    1. Love you and your wonderful fam! Girl, you’re such a shining star, I’m blessed to know you and have you in my life!


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