When they’re just right you’re golden. Things line up and your path is clear. You’re cookin’ with gas and motorin’ on. The dominoes are falling in synchronicity. No feedback on the system and the mic is hot. The rainbows pop and the colors of the light blaze forward through the water droplets like gems in the ether. However you experience it, the thrill is on!

I woke up this morning and was immediately drawn to the light coming in the window. Streaming through the atmosphere it burns off the marine layer that creeps in at night and creates a kind of misty hush all over the area.

I know once my eyes are fully opened to the light, I can’t turn back and go to bed…no matter how appealing it seems. That’s like salvation from Jesus Christ, huh? Once you have it and start living the life He’s destined for you to have, you can’t go back to what you had before…it just seems to be most of the way to nowhere. It’s all about you instead of Him. It burns away the dark corners, streaming light everywhere. Nothing to shade the clear brightness that lights you from inside.

I’m liking His angle better! I hope you see it too, ’cause it’s more beautiful than I can describe…and He did it with you in mind. Yes, you.

Have a beautiful Saturday, yo!


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