Walk to Africa Gets Dolled Up!

Walk to Afric Gets Dolled Up!

The face in the picture says it all. I know you’re involved in a lot of charity work and time and money can be stretched thin…

This weekend, the Lighthouse Medical Missions is sponsoring their premier fundraiser, Walk To Africa in Santa Monica. If you haven’t seen my blog post or my page about it, please take a minute to check them out. This is definitely a life saving, life changing mission to help the children of Africa get medication, treatment, hope and love that their families and towns cannot provide. (If you’re local, COME OUT AND SAY HI! WATER STATION #2, I”ll be there all day!)

Dollies Making a Difference has recently sent a shipment of their wonderful dollies with the doctors who just traveled to Guinea Bissau. These were an AMAZING addition to the care and other gifts they share with the kids there.

If you have an extra $1, just $1-could you please click the donate button on the picture’s click thorough link today? I’m planning on doubling any donations I’ve got by Friday 🙂 THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!


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