The last few days have been weird around here. The sun has been throwing off some incredibly powerful X-Class solar flares in the last 48 hours. In case you haven’t heard about the X-Class solar flares, they are the most powerful flares the sun can eject. These are not just “sunspots” or CMEs (coronal mass ejections) that happen all the time on the surface of the sun. These are different and separate.

These flares ejected radiation equivalent to a BILLION hydrogen bombs into space. This radiation can cause geomagnetic storms that will affect our satellites and even our communication systems (the Internet is SLOW). Power grids here on the ground can even be affected. All of these effects are happening in real time and may still exhibit some aftereffects in the next few days. Yeah, all this is really technical-I get it. We have been feeling it physically though, for real this last couple of days.

I don’t know if you’ve felt it and didn’t realize it as well, but it feels like you’re drained. Totally no energy or get up and go. I had a really bad headache (I never get them) on Monday night as well. Some people report getting migraines from the radiation. Just a feeling of being off seems to be hanging in there for me. It’s hard to explain, but something is just feeling off around here!

For more details, a video, and some awesome shots of what the X-Class flares look like, click the picture. It’s fascinating and scary at the same time, for sure!

I guess my point is today, keep looking up. Things are moving into that “uncharted territory” here on Earth. We need to make sure that in our hearts, we’re ready. Our families are ready. The time is coming…

Be well and God bless you and yours!


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