All Tied Up


I was thinking of salmon after seeing that movie “Salmon Fishing in Yemen” last night. (Yes, the movie was worth watching) I used to live right on the American River in Fair Oaks, CA across from the Nimbus Dam hatchery. Every year the salmon would run up this river and up the ladder to the hatchery. You could see them all up and down the river. Huge, red and driven by sheer instinct. (I also couldn’t resist trying to capture them mid-leap as they bounded upriver…the power in these fish is amazing!)

Nimbus 1-imp

Nimbus 2-imp

These fishermen would come from all over to get a chance to catch one (or two) and the anglers would line up like this-sometimes hundreds at a time. You could feel the expectation and the excitement for sure. You could see the triumph of some time well spent in their faces as they carried these gigantic, beautiful fish home with their rods over their shoulders. It was a cool thing to see!

I love the light on the water in the main shot…silver. Kinda like the fish in the water from a certain angle… I like how it ties my obsession with capturing light and shine with what’s all around us. Right at our doorsteps. That’s what I was thinking about this morning. I was also thinking about how they all came together with a common cause and even though they didn’t know each other, for an afternoon they were friends. That’s what God calls me to do, share what I see and open people’s lives to the wonderful things that surround us…with everyone I get in touch with. The world becomes a smaller, more friendly place when that happens. Nicer. Somewhere I don’t mind being. Somewhere I feel His blessings all around me. Thanks for being part of that!

Have a wonderful one, wherever you are in the world! Slow down a minute and sit a spell…maybe go on down to the river and see what’s up…


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