Today was the Walk To Africa in Santa Monica, a HUGE success and a lot of fun! It was really cool to see all the people coming into our water station so psyched to be helping kids in Africa. Helping others they haven’t met yet. Ones they may never meet. Their feeling of excitement and goodwill is still warming my heart as the day winds down…

On the drive back up the PCH, R noticed some people all looking out over the ocean near Leo Carillo. We pulled over and saw the MOST AMAZING gray whale calf and mom pairs feeding and breaching right offshore! I was instantly sorry about not having my tele and my camera, but at the same time really awed by seeing it live. Taking the time to watch with my eyes instead of through the lens. I’ve never seen whales up so close, only about 100 yards offshore.

It might not be the greatest shot from my mobile, but you know what, it’s priceless to me because I got to stop, look, and share it live with the one I love most here on the planet. That made it one of the most awesome afternoons I’ve ever had…

R took a little video too! You can see it most clearly in fullscreen…


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