Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid

I was feeling just a little overwhelmed this morning. Been thinking of about a thousand things I’d like to do before the end of the year…working in a bunch of creative fields all at once is not all fun and games that’s for sure. (OK, it mostly is, I won’t lie to you…) But for real, logistics crash into the fun WAY TOO MUCH. Brings you back to reality if you let it…. (I’m not going there, though!)

Then, to the rescue, the lemon guys show up! Under my balcony there’s a few acres of lemons. I wondered when they would pick them. Today is the day! You hear them before you see anyone. Singing, laughing, whistling, Ranchero music. It’s a lemon party down there. It’s lifted my spirits and called me to the balcony with the paparazzi lens more than once, trying to see where the party is. I love the energy they have…it’s definitely contagious 🙂

I can see their efforts for sure! The dude in the forklift is hauling these huge boxes of lemons around non-stop. I see the trees shakin’ and hear them cackling and having fun. I have no idea what they’re saying…it’s all in Spanish. Even so, I’m charmed by the heat of the day, their accordian music and the camaraderie I’m spying on….(in the nicest way, c’mon now!)

PILES of Lemons!

PILES of Lemons!

I’m still listening to Aqua de Beber over it all! Happy Thursday everyone, go have a lemonade and sit on a sidewalk cafe somewhere ’cause summer is officially here!

(The link in the shot is to it…please let Bossa Nova never die)


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