The Sweet Spot

Sweet Arleen's Cupcakes

Usually I’m thinking about connections. Sometimes those that affect me physically, (like my insane love of all things baked and yummy crashing into my reality of gluten sensitivity. Dang, bad connection, Frisco!), but those that affect me spiritually. I want more than ever to be and stay in that good place. That place where I’m being all He’s called me to be and helping others to find out what He’s calling them to do. The space where I’m consistently forging my relationship with Him and making it the priority in my life.

I think that that’s the real “sweet spot”. To be secure, confident, and challenged by what He’s putting out there to you. To come up to the net, make the effort and send it back with power and practiced poise. To withstand the trials and challenges along the way; keeping your head in the game no matter how long it is until the next competition. Always having a good foundation to stand on, knowing that the coach has your back and all you have to do it bring it. Everything matching up, connecting, so that you can’t lose…

Cliches beside, I know you get it. Live in the grace. Live freely. Live without regret. He’s got you in His hand. That’s the sweetest place I know of and I hope you’re right there with me. It’s a great thing to have a family you make by choice and shared loves, isn’t it?

Happy first official week of summer! Be well, blessed, happy, and safe wherever you are.


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