Identification, Please

Identification, Please

I’ve finally given up the ghost. I’m old enough now to admit my shortcomings. My faults. Recognize that I’ll probably never be popular. I’ll probably never be fashionable. (Actually, I know that one’s gotta be a lock) I’ll probably never run a 17:00 minute 5K. (I’m close, but alas, no cigar). I’m OK with all of that.

I realized awhile back there are lots of good things about me that I take as givens. My quirks make me who I am. The things I do and choose have a basis. I’m not looking to find my identity in others, I’m defined by a spirit bigger than all that. Bigger than the hype. Bigger than money, fame, and designer fun stuff.

He did it. He made me an individual. God blessed me with height and large enough feet not to blow over in the wind…thank God for that 🙂 He’s blessed me with an amazing husband who loves me the way I am. He doesn’t see all the flaws I see in myself. (Yeah, he wears glasses. Maybe that’s got something to do with it…)

I’m more than OK with it all, I’m feeling loved, secure and thankful tonight. I hope you are blessed too, ’cause you’re way special just the way He made you too…embrace your funkiness and stand out in the crowd. Proudly. 🙂


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