Missing You

Missing You

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year ( a whole year!) since I migrated back to SoCal from NorCal. I miss San Francisco and it’s vibe. I think what I miss most besides the live jazz is the feel of the life in a big city. There’s a buzz there, an energy you just don’t feel anywhere else.

My favorite place? The Presidio in the evening. There’s something about the foggy spot that overlooks the city by the bay…the twinkle of the lights, the whisper of the fog on your face. No crowds there to interrupt the whisper of the cars as they sail over the Golden Gate just over your shoulder. The water lapping at the pilings beneath your feet while the heat of a hot cup of coffee warms your hands. The one I love standing next to me, sharing the same view. A feeling to hold onto for sure!


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