Just Be Still


I’m usually in a state of inner prioritization. Lists. Everyday things I need to do pushing around things I have to do (those things that I’m called to do and the things that make my soul sing-the good stuff! Those are my “haves”) and the stuff others get me interested in. I think I’ve always been this way. Organizing like crazy in my head, but seeming calm on the outside. It’s a tough place for your head to live, but it becomes the norm somehow. Truly not enough hours in the day for all I’d like to accomplish.

I’m making a vow right now. Stop. Be still and listen. See it. Feel it. I live in the here and now, but I’m guilty of not taking time to enjoy it! I’ve become very good at changing gears on a photoshoot. Checking out and letting the moment just be. When it’s over, the peace I feel is long lasting. It spreads through me like a spring breeze. I’m gonna apply that feeling of blessing to my entire life. No, I’m not gonna zone out and lose touch. I’m gonna make a conscious effort to let things order themselves and see what I get. (Note to Self: Insert scream now and get it over with! LOL)

The “system” I’m thinking of as my “personality” (truly probably some character flaw) has worked for me my whole life. I see it, I envision it, I make it happen. You know what though? It’s never been ME, it’s always been HIM WORKING THROUGH ME. That’s my big A-HA for today, for sure! I’m forever grateful to God for pointing me in the right direction…even if sometimes He’s had to sit on me and crank my neck around to see it. He’s a bold one, that’s for sure!

I’m feeling so relieved…and loved. Thank God also I have a wonderful husband who loves me just the way I am and “gets” me. (A true miracle!)

I truly hope you are well loved, wherever you are. In fact, I know you are!


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