I know, you’re saying I’m way stalking this couple…but no. Today I was testing a different lens, truly a long range beauty, and they happened to be there. I didn’t really look at them at the time, but now that I do, I’m intrigued.

Look at their closeness, his head is tilted towards her. They’re talking about something. Personal. Mutual. Positive. Her relaxed stance tells me she’s listening. Really listening.

I don’t usually make up scenarios about the shots I take. For some reason, this one has me thinking about possibilities. The things to come, things planned (even if it’s just going to the movies later!), the “do it together” stuff.

I know R and I have done the exact thing, countless times at the same park. Leaning over the railing, looking out over the endless and continual Pacific Ocean. Planning. Dreaming. Falling in love. Finding the horizon not that far away, the azimuth, the starting point of a journey that takes us where God sends us. Together.

I like this shot. I like how it made me feel. I hope that you have that same feeling with your someone, too. Here’s to a day filled with good things for you!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    I like this shot too and like the way they are sitting, talking and watching the water. This is a very calm shot.


    1. Thanks! They look to be contemplating something for sure…or maybe they’re just falling in love. That park has a way of helping that along, for sure!


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