I have a wonderful friend. D’s the first “girl” friend I’ve had since high school. Typically I don’t really have women as friends…for some reason they are scared of me or something. I don’t know if it’s my driven personality, the dry wit, or just that I’m focused on things other than shopping; but I usually get along better with guys.

I was thinking she’s probably my friend because under her warm and fun exterior, she is a tough cookie. Not in a bad way. I mean, she knows who she is. She can hold her own. She knows where she’s going and where she’s come from. I think that’s the difference. She’s secure. She’s definitely not threatened by me or my eccentricities for sure. Nor I hers.

We’re close, but give each other space. She respects my need to be close to R and spend time with him. It’s mutual. Her family is at the top of her list. That’s rare. Usually it’s a needy thing with women, they need your time. Reassurance. For you to cater to them. That just isn’t my friendship style. I love a friend who stands on their own and then sometimes needs you there. When that happens, you’re there because it isn’t a 24/7 need. It’s only when it’s the real deal. They have their own life to lead, not waiting for your every approval.

I think I love her because I respect her. Her family values. Her Christian values. Her wonderful spirit. I’m so fortunate to have her in my life! I know that she’ll say I’m nuts for telling the world this, but I just have to share how her lovely personality has touched my life. Thanks, God…for putting us in the same place!



  1. Delilah · · Reply

    Ohhh my… why is it whenenver you write..I get teary eyed… even if its a good teary eye (like when you talk about Turbo Jam?) silly me.. I love and respect our Friendship also… I truly do!! Love you mija.. 🙂


    1. You’re such a rockstar 🙂


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