Steady Ground

Steady Ground

Tonight my pastor sent me a text about a lady who attends my church needing food donations until payday. All at once I began to think of what to take over, what would be a help. After figuring out a plan, I got to thinking about times I’ve been through that weren’t so stellar. Believe me, I’ve had my share of not so perfect days and even some downright rotten ones. Days I wondered where I was going. Times I wondered if I’d make it through. Times I probably should have asked for help, but let my stubborn streak get in the way.

I also thought about how even though I don’t like trials when they pop up (who does!), there’s got to be something in there somewhere that to take away from it. A kernel of wisdom. Something new to figure out, some a-ha moment to help the next time it gets rocky.

It’s not easy all the time, this life here on earth. We’ve gotta remember that God always loves us. Each of us, uniquely. Unconditionally. When those waves start crashing on our heads-threatening to wash us away-remember that we’re standing on THE ROCK. The one safe and steady place that will never let us down…no sinking sand there. No chance of drowning. Just getting our feet a little wet once in a while while we grow…

I hope this new day finds you all healthy, happy, and well. Much love and blessings to you and your families!



  1. What a darling post and just what I needed today. I have MS which makes for dizziness and wonky eyes. After a recent relapse, I’ve been a little down and feeling, quite literally, on shakey ground. A good reminder that even when I’m wobbly – I’m standing on the Rock. Thanks for this. 🙂


    1. You are so welcome! I’m thinking of you now, sending a prayer for your steady recovery and for you to keep that lovely smile on your face…be well! 🙂


  2. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    Sending prayers to the lady who is in need of help and I know that there are no failures in this life, only learning lessons and as long as I see them through the eyes of a student willing to learn, there is no failure.


    1. Amen! She appreciates your prayers and thanks you. No, your’re right…faith gives us the freedom to not sweat the bad stuff. Gives us peace 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


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