Second Wind

Second Wind

I’m feeling it right now! That strength that comes from somewhere within when you don’t feel you’ve got anything left. (I’ve figured out that power has to be from God, AND possibly aided by COFFEE) It’s been another long day of packing up boxes and a run afterwards. The run should’ve happened in the early AM instead of the hot doldrums of the afternoon. That time of day for me is a guaranteed energy zapper. I love it when it hits me, that wave of feeling back to normal. The pep returned to my step.

Mine came just now from looking at that shot. That’s the gazebo in Ocean Park in Santa Monica. R and I got married there, wow, six years ago. Six years. It has flown by! I don’t remember a pile of better times in my life…a time when I’ve felt truly myself and truly loved. What a blessing he’s been to me!

I’m knowing that you are feeling loved too, wherever you are. If you aren’t, look no further than Him. Just look up and say Hi, because He’s always with you and will love you no matter what. He’s the power in this world, and He’ll give it to you if you just give Him a moment of your time. Through Him we do great and wonderful things. Passing this word along to someone very special out there…YOU.

Wednesday is in the can! Thursday’s coming up and I know that you’re planning a fun weekend! Have a wonderful night and see you on the flip side šŸ™‚

Here’s what I’m listening to right now…I could listen to him sing all day…



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    Love Jim Croce and so happy you got a boost in energy and are still at it. Moving and packing is such a hard job.
    Beautiful shot of the gazebo.


    1. Holla! Jim Croce just had “the” voice…hearing it just makes me think of simpler times. Times when music was created and performed from the heart. Truly art.
      Thanks again for the positive comments, you’re such a gem! (And not just ’cause you like it šŸ˜‰ )


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