Rounding Third

Rounding Third

It’s official. After a week or so of conditioning (OK, read self-inflicted torture) I feel like I’m getting back to my C- game with regards to running. I know, in the midst of moving and doing about a million other more important things it seems like a weird thing to work on.

Truth is, I miss running. Running for me is a stress burner. If I’m not careful, an escape mechanism. I see it now for what it is and I’m gonna use it accordingly. Fitness and fun. Definitely things a physical body needs.

It got me thinking just now about how it’s kinda like when people get caught up in the world. We can latch on to all sorts of things. Drugs, bad TV, bad habits,bad people even. Use them to escape and get “into” the world. Walk that broad path with everyone else.

I’m gonna stay on the narrow path. The one less traveled. Gonna stay with the grace of God…but I’m still gonna be able to move my butt πŸ™‚ (even though my knees feel like those cacti LOL)

Hope you find something inspirational and wonderful in your day today, wherever you are! Much peace to you and yours!


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