I had a realization this morning. In order to fix something, it’s gotta be broken first. (OK, stop howling with laughter, no, I’m not daft! There’s more…wait for it…) True you say. I was thinking in terms of judgements. Any kind of judgement. Legal, personal, moral, they all affect us at some time in our lives.

Thing is, usually I see the word “judgement” as harsh. A sentence imposed for something I did (or didn’t do). I was seeing the truth today, that a judgement is just God’s way of fixing us. His way of changing our outlook, our pathway so it can line up more with His. Really, it’s all in how you look at it.

Instead of seeing it as being “broken down” or “hitting rock bottom”, maybe we should see it as an opportunity to be made anew. The opportunity to change. See, he REBUILDS us after the judgement and makes us STRONGER. I’m so used to (we all are) seeing everything through my own mind. It’s the only thing we have experience with at first. It’s all we know. Think how much better it could be if we let ourselves be broken and made better. Made stronger.

This would be territory I would have to have help with. I couldn’t do it by myself and get to the right ending. How would I know that the changes were the right ones for me, unless I had some divine intervention? That hand on my head pointing me the right way hasn’t failed me ever, so I’ll just keep going with it…I’m taking it to the top 🙂

Hoping today is filled with things you find amazement in…that you’re loving your life and feeling blessed! Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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