Hanging In

Hanging In

My good friend is having her 20th wedding anniversary this weekend. 20 years. Ups and downs of course, but the time…that’s pretty amazing.

I wanted to send her some love and congratulations on her special weekend. I know that it’s not an easy road to love someone with all you’ve got. That it takes a special bond to make a home with someone who isn’t family at first, but becomes one. Someone who becomes home to you…that will respect you and love you even with all your faults. A person who you choose to build a life with. That’s a wonderful blessing!

I found a verse during my study yesterday morning that I think fits beautifully. (I’m paraphrasing, but the whole word is good!)

Song of Solomon 8: 5-7
…”Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it…”

May you both continue to weather the storms, bask in the sun, and travel through this life together as one. Many blessings to you both!

Also, many blessings to YOU, wherever you are on this beautiful day! Hope you’re having fun and enjoying the ones you love!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    20 years is amazing and congrats to both of them.


  2. Thank you! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! It is pretty amazing…that’s a long time 😊


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