Blue Days

Blue Days

In the fall, back East there’s a kind of day I call a “Blue Day”. When the humidity finally lifts, the sky is the color of the Mediterranean, and there isn’t a cloud for miles. Sometimes a plane will streak by, and you’ll hear it whine first…but a little while later you’ll see it. Silvery wings flashing in the light. Those are the days I remember most about my growing up. Kind of like treasures, since you wake up and never know if the weather will cooperate.

Here in California I get a little spoiled, it’s sunny and 65 pretty much every day. I was thinking of those bluer than blue skies when I grabbed this shot of South Lake Tahoe. The water, mountains and sky all grab that range of blues and pull them in. I don’t look back to the past too often, ’cause the present is just too great… but those blues are like a smile from God. Warming you and letting you know that it’s gonna be all right. No matter what seems or is wrong with what’s going on with you, He can bring you focus.

Tranquility to you and yours on this beautiful Sunday. Many blessings for a smooth and productive week doing whatever it is you do in this wide world! Peace!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    beautiful and today it is a gray day here. Everything is over cast and gray.


    1. That’s my 2nd favorite day! Marine layer gray…so calming 🙂 Enjoy it! Hope Monday goes well for you!


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