My Japanese mother-in-law watches the Japanese channel pretty much exclusively. I’ve noticed that the peace sign, those fingers in the trademark V are ubiquitous in snapshots, live video, and even newscasts. It symbolizes unity, being A-OK, and even happiness. Gives you the take sign, let’s you know all’s right with the world. I wonder if all the younger people in the world know where it came from? What it really means? (Yeah, I must be getting old to wonder something like that, I hear you…)

We passed the Veteran’s center today on the way home and some vets were out to promote the need for support. I honked the horn and got the sign. It made me smile. Instantly I knew I was on the same wavelength with the vets on the street. They knew I supported them. That’s a lot of communication through such a small gesture! I know that it was really common in the 60’s with the wars in Korea and Vietnam. It was a way to communicate solidarity without saying a word. I like it.

I use it most to say thanks when I run and a driver waits for me to cross the street. I flash it with a smile when I pass other runners and we have a tight squeeze on a sidewalk or a path. I think I’ll try to use it for more than just running. I want it to have a renewal; it just seems more meaningful than the fist bump to me. (I’ve never really embraced that one, I’ll stick to the regular handshake LOL) Guess it’s kinda a personal preference, like anything else. Call me old fashioned, but I’m sticking with the basics. That bit of universal language that unifies us, not breaks us down. The little symbol that can say a million words without uttering a syllable. A symbol of peace and hope. That should never go out of style.

Hoping your week is full of blessings, simple joys, and love…peace to you and your family!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    Have a peaceful week and have an adventure.


    1. Oh man! You do the same! Let me know what you get up to!


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