Amid all the protests in memory of Trayvon Martin yesterday, ( I didn’t realize till the evening they were happening very near where I was!) I was surprised by where I ended up. I’ve been by it a million times and never stopped. The area used to be kinda of not on the “best” side of town. The park, the cliche location of a million detective movies, symbolized you were in the rougher part of LA. Sunday, Echo Park had me captivated for about two hours while I was waiting for R in a meeting in WeHo.

Historically I let God guide me to where I end up taking shots for the (I’m gonna loosely call it a documentary for it’s working title) dossier of images I’m called to capture. I’m not afraid to go anywhere I’m led. I know He’s watching over me and there’s a reason I’m wherever I end up. I was astounded at what I saw there! There must have been a rejuvenation, a renaissance for this park! It was spotless. Newly landscaped and obviously cared for, new fixtures added to the monumental ones. The fountain still there, blazed skyward, it’s trademark three spouts shooting sky high. The bridge, still beautiful from it’s probable heyday in the ’30’s, still holding court over the lotus pond.

Artists camped out to capture the water lilies and the lotus blooms. Families sat in the grass, despite the heat, enjoying the afternoon. Kids were playing in the sprinklers and the water’s edge, all with the intensity a bunch of kids can call up. Strolling. Pondering. Bells tinkling from the ice cream men and their carts. Even some ladies under a tree singing hymns in Spanish with tambourines.

Me. Wandering and capturing. Finding what I was sent there for. I have lots of lotus and lilies in my roll. I think what I have more of are feelings of hope. Snapshots of peace. Burned into my memory. Staying with me right now. I think that was what I was there for, more than the flowers…

I know you’re loving where you are right now…if you’re not, take a minute to take a walk. Listen and look without saying a word. Watch and don’t judge, we all do it without thinking…make yourself open to seeing it all differently. God wants us to enjoy this life! It’s never easy living here on earth, but it is what you allow in. Let in peace. Let in possibilities. Let your heart feel and follow it, that’s Him showing you where to go… 🙂

Wishing you love and blessings today! Summer is in full tilt and there are only so many afternoons at the water hole left! Get out there and get wet!


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