Friday seems to have crept in the back door around here! Happy weekend to you and yours! I don’t know what’s gonna happen today or tomorrow, but I trust that He has me in His mind’s eye and that things will be on the upside 🙂

I’ve been to Hollywood and back already this morning and really got to thinking about street art and its value. It seems that on every wall, in every alley I see new ones popping up overnight. People need an arena for their creative expression. The world is the canvas. The breakaway from conventional media is evident on everything from signposts to sidewalks. I love the color, the emotion, the ability to communicate to everyone with just a few cans of paint. The artist’s vision evident. Powerful images blazing forward.

Sometimes they’re not the most positive expressions, but in this world, let’s face it-it’s not all smiles and roses. The balance of the good and bad is here. It’s all about the how’s. How you look at it. How you use your vision that matters. Is it driven by a clear and straight-on heart or through the corruption of the flesh? Everything in this world has the duality thing going on. I just make the conscious choice to concentrate on the positive side of every coin.

What I see in this mural is pure, raw emotion. It’s screaming about the positive and hinting to the heartbreak all at once. I like this one a lot. It makes me think about the unheard voices that I pass by everywhere I go. What would they tell me if I stopped and spoke with them? In meeting them, what part of them would inspire me? How could I inspire them? It all starts with a smile and a mutual respect…it’s the connection between people that brings us together. Sharing.

I’m thinking that adding some of this art to my week is a good thing. It reminds me that there are new ways of seeing this wonderful world He’s given us. That all forms of expression can inspire me to use the lens to capture what He wants us to see.

He wants us all to remember that our talents are a gift. Gifts are to be shared, so let yours blaze forth, no matter how it is you’ve got it! Now is the start. Move forward and shine.

Much love to you, wherever you are today. Hope your day is full of grace and wonder!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    I love street art and what it has to say. So many young ones with so much beauty in their heart is what I see here where I live.
    Have a wonderful week end.


    1. You too, hope your weekend is wonderful! I agree! There’s a lot of good stuff out there on the walls…it’s so colorful, I can’t help but notice it 🙂


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