These guys are inseparable. Totally opposite, but connected all the same. Similar in that they’re both Arabians. Both about the same size. Different in personality, the dark horse is the stronger character (you can see that in the chin!) and the pale horse more shy. Different in that they warm to new people in opposite ways. Individuals with something in common. Friends despite their personality issues. (They sound like most people, huh?)

They’re the companions of the guy who fixed my hot water heater (and became a friend at the same time, he is a cool cowboy dude). I had to shoot them once I found out about them. I love to watch a horse run, to see that organized power combined with the physical beauty they just naturally reek of. Kinda like wonderful music. Everything just comes together to make a wonderful rhythm.

It made me think of friends today. What you need to be one. Secure. Able to share. Willing to compromise. There’s that balance of respect and love that seems to lie under it all. The baseline of togetherness. A mutual respect and commitment that shows you’ve made an investment in a relationship.
Sometimes not so harmonious. Thinking of how many folks are on this earth-there’s some good odds you’ll find a few people to touch your life this way. Nothing short of amazing!

Sometimes it doesn’t “work out” between people and you go your separate ways. I don’t think that’s a total loss though. You impart a little of yourself-that bit that makes you, you in them. (And them in you) There’s a forever change that happens in your spirit when you make a friend. I’ve had and lost a few too, everyone has. I think I’m better for having had them in my life-no matter how it worked out.

Is that grace? God’s way of helping us through the seasons of our lives? I think so. I know He knows what we need to experience, what we need to learn to get to the end of our growth. What we need to know till we can get to the complete understanding of how we can fit into this world and serve others. I’m figuring out that that’s the key. Helping others before you worry so much about what they “can do” for you. I’m liking that a-ha! a lot…it’s something I want to put first when I come in contact with anybody. You never know who you can help, until you just do it. πŸ™‚

Hoping your Wednesday was full of new experiences that made you think twice…something that you could take away and feel cool about later…if it didn’t happen today, tomorrow is full of new chances πŸ™‚

Wishing you and yours peace and love!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    This makes my heart smile and so peaceful and so in harmony.


    1. Like “Ebony and Ivory”….LOL, I couldn’t get that song outta my head all night!


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