We are driven constantly by society to want to “create” ourselves. Define “who” we are. It’s hard to know where we begin and the “stuff” in our lives ends. (or is that the other way round? ) I’m not always sure.

I don’t know much about the world and it’s stuff, but I do know as Christians, as truly born again believers, we have to live in this world and try our hardest not to be “of” it. Try to not let it define us. Not let trends and movements dictate how we look, feel, or what we believe.

That’s a really tall order! (One I have to consciously work on daily) I don’t know about anybody else, but that crack in the door of like vs. want can shed a blinding light sometimes.

Whether it’s a personal goal or a secret desire one thing holds true. Even if you don’t say it aloud to a single soul, God knows it. He can see it in there. He’s just. He’s fair. He gives us choices on purpose. What we do with that gift is up to us, but I get the feeling He puts things in our hearts so we kinda get what He wants for us. Little hints to guide us on the path to His way.

I’m really listening recently. The state of this world scares me to no end. I’m looking up for those cues to keep me on the right track…no, I don’t think God’s a Garmin, LOL. I wish life were that easy…but then it wouldn’t be the real deal, huh?

Hope you have a fantastic Friday! (It’s already about here, so I’m gonna jump the gun! Woo Hoo!) Hope your weekend is full of good stuff with the ones you love…peace!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    beautiful photo and I agree with you. I think if life was easy and there were no mountains to climb, then we would have no learning lessons, and we would never grow to be better people.

    We do not have failures, we have learning lessons and I am grateful for those lessons that have taught me how to live and be a better person.


    1. Amen! Your wonderful light is very evident in your beautiful personality 🙂
      No, no failures. Only lessons 🙂 I’m learning a lot, too! Have a wonderful weekend!


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