The Comeback

The Comeback

When I think of a harbinger, I think of the Robin. That lilting song in the early evening when they try to find a place to rest for the night. The broad, red breast flashing across the newly fresh green lawn. The clue that springtime is coming, the promise of nests discovered with their beautiful turquoise eggs gathered inside. Safe against the storm. Safe from the predators that would get them. Safe in the sheltering branches of the sturdy crook of the tree their home is built in.

All of the things I immediately think of when the word “harbinger” pops up are positive. Strong. Definite. These things are the opposite of the things I’m half listening to from the other room. Doom. Destruction. Clues that “the end” is coming. Desecration of sacred trees that God put in this world to shelter us. R is listening to a broadcast by Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew. Cahn “decodes” the “harbingers” he sees in our modern world that he feels fortell God is pretty much fed up with our disobedience to His word, to Him.

I listen with half an ear. I know that things are not good here in this world. Not good here in America. No, I don’t live under a rainbow covered rock. I’m hearing the urgency of the times. I know that God wants us to know the “season” we’re in. It’s important to keep up.

When I keep hearing Obama saying: “…(of America after 9/11) we will make it stronger and more glorious than before…” I shudder. We wouldn’t be in this position as a nation if we’d treasured the tenets that God put before us and kept Him in the mix. Kept Him first. Pride, arrogance, greed…all those things have driven this nation to the breaking point. Those things put us in this position of needing to “fix” it. If we didn’t “break” it in the first place (and continue doing so), we could give up the ghost and just get it right. It’s not that easy, since we all aren’t focused with the right eyes, with the right heart. Goes without saying that nobody ( no nation, no person, no culture) is perfect, but we can align ourselves with the one who is. God.

We can’t sit back and despair. Can’t sit back and wait for people like Obama to “fix” it. We just have to repent and turn. Make that ultimate comeback and then live in faith. Salvation isn’t the END of the journey. It’s the start. Repentance is something we need to keep doing when things pop up (“cause they will). Keep the momentum.

You know, Robins always return to the very yard, the very spot they were hatched and nurtured to make their own nests. They come back home. Home to what they know and recognize in their hearts to be the place where they belong. That’s what I want to do. Be in the fold. Stay where I can see the truth better. Stay where I’m sheltered from the storms when they pop up. I’m working every day to get closer to Him. I hope you’ve found that place too! 🙂

I’m sending you strength and stamina to do what God’s calling you to do…He loves you! May He lift you up not just today, but always and fill your life with blessings 🙂


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