Mine are barking this weekend! Call it overuse, call it craziness, call it whatever you want…it all ends up at the same place.

New kicks.

I think I have a lifelong quest to find “the shoe” the will solve all my problems. High mileage + large frame + over pronator (with a speed complex)= lots of shoes. R is funny, he adopts my “old” ones. They don’t look old. They look new-ish. They don’t feel that way. After about a month, they lose their zest. Their spring. Then the dawgs start barking and I start questing again for the holy grail. It’s really just by the grace of God that my body can keep up with my 25 year old brain. 🙂 Somedays, I’m barely ahead of the sweeper.

I keep hitting the road because I love it. It just doesn’t always love me back. Unlike God (thank heaven for that!) I used to run to escape things. (You name it) Now I run for me. The reality is the holes I used to have in there that I thought needed filling with road dirt, got filled with God. The Holy Spirit just kinda paved over it all and now I don’t HAVE to find ways to spackle the cracks. It’s liberating! Once you have Him in there, you have so much more TIME to spend doing other stuff. It’s given me direction. I needed it, badly. I see that now.

I still need an outlet sometimes for stress. A time to think. A time to not think and just do…I guess the side benefit is fitness. I’m kinda there. I used to race. I don’t chip up too often anymore, but I’m racing MYSELF every time I go out. (thanks Nike + , you cursed invention!) I don’t know what’s to become of me. All I do know is that even though always needing new shoes is on the horizon; at least my heart is safe! 🙂 I hope you’re loved, that you know the grace of God in your life, that you have a life you just can’t wait to live.

Sending you grace and strength for a wonderful week! It’s still a long way till Monday, so you’d better be having fun!



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    1. I agree! Life is what it is…if I could eat dairy, believe me, I’m first in line for it 🙂 Everyday life does give us a lot of exercise if we let it. Be well and happy wherever you are!


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