One of the “facts” of life here in Southern California is that pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY is sunny. Now, I don’t know where you are or where you hail from, but that just isn’t normal. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun. I enjoy the weather here! It’s just that you definitely need sunglasses. For me it’s a survival thing more than a fashion statement, LOL!

I’ve worn contact lenses since I was 13 years old. They get dry and the glare kinda is annoying, so hence the shades. Usually you won’t see me without them on my head somewhere. A “decent” pair will cost pennies a day. (This is an R calculation, he’s very thrifty.) Thrift isn’t usually my first motivator, but it must have been lately. Today I got the hint that maybe I’ve really changed my ways.

Case in point, Sunglass Hut. I go in very infrequently, usually once a year or less. I have kinda classic taste and stick to the non-super trendy styles so as long as they hold up, I’ll rock ’em. Today I decided to update and after a half an hour and much cajoling from a very nice salesguy, I decided on a pair.

Fast forward to the payment part. Card surrendered. Card denied. Huh? Glitch? Tried again. Nope. New register? Nope. I wasn’t as much mortified as I was mad…why? Turns out I’d been flagged because of my thriftiness! My card got locked down because it was an “out of the norm” purchase. I walked to the bank. Called the fraud dept. Go through the whole deal. Last three transactions, can you verify? Sure I say. Coffee Bean, $1.96. Check. TJ Maxx $12.51. Check. PC Greens, $7.24. Check. Card declined because the purchase at Sunglass Hut blew those out of the water. (But it could be any transaction with an average cost of $7.23, so that ain’t sayin’ much-you dig? 🙂 )Now I’m afraid to use it at all…

I appreciate the concern over the safety of my account. I do. Then I get the call from R. Hey, did you buy sunglasses THREE times? (He gets text alerts, sigh) All the times the salesguy tried hit the bank…sigh. More calls to rectify…R laughs because he’s secretly glad. Why don’t you just buy ’em online cheaper he laughs some more?

Hints. They surround me right now. Pound me on the head. Sort of like how God tries to bang things into my thick skull when I’m not listening. Maybe I should’ve just skipped the shades and enjoyed the sun, for once…was that the a-ha for today? Instead I got mired in the bank snafu and missed the prettiest part of the day, the part where the marine layer lifts and the sun comes out.

Maybe I just needed a reminder that His love is like the sun, we can try to hide from it all we want and live the way we think is best. He’s always there blanketing us with it, reminding us that He cares. Maybe that’s what I needed most today, not to cover it up, but to uncover it 🙂

Sending you sunshine (since I have tons to share here! ) and blessings for a smooth and productive day…much peace and love to you and your family-wherever you are!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    Gray and overcast is normal here on the washington coast. I am happy and content in life no matter what the weather because I am alive. Beautiful flowers and have a wonderful rest of the week.


    1. I love a gray day! You’ll have to show us some shots 🙂 Your smile makes my day when I see your picture. I hope you have a beautiful week too, August 1 already!
      Those were spilling over into the sidewalk from somebody’s front yard flowerbed…they were just so orange I had to stop 🙂


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