The Alamo

The Alamo

Today had one of those unexpected “people moments”. I call them “people moments” because usually my unexpected moments are “nature moments” when I fall down a hill or get chased by a dog trying to take a shot of something.

Make a long story short, this “personal trainer” comes up and gives me his card. Came down to him letting me know he was watching me run around like an idiot after my workout. (I do a set of funny training moves a few times a week to help me with building my knee joints) He told me he could help me (’cause I wasn’t doing it right I suppose), offered some free sessions and shook my hand.

It was funny not only because it was a “people moment” but because in all these years of going to that park, nobody every offered me training. About a hundred things went through my head on the way to the car. Was I old and getting sloppy? Was my fat jiggling too much and he saw me struggling? Did I look too out of breath to make it through and he took pity on me? Sigh. It made me doubt all the mental fortitude I’d thrown in there over the past ten years! I felt like a total loser.

I know there are a million and one (probably more) times in my life I should have never made it to the finish line. I’m not just talking sports or training here. Life in general. Near misses in car crashes. Close calls in jobs. Losses of opportunities I thought at the time were PERFECT for me.

I’m learning now that all that inner motivation, that strength to come through in the eleventh hour, the courage to keep going after the disappointments came-it wasn’t me at all. I never could have done it or the other countless things I’ll try to do in the coming days. He did it. God did it all. He carried me through it, most of the time kicking and screaming, but nonetheless, through to the finish line. I’m so grateful for that grace. They say innocence is bliss…now I really get that. If I knew all the times I was so close to the edge, I probably would’ve freaked and gone over despite my best tries not to.

I know I’ll never follow up with the trainer guy. My moves may not be picture perfect, but they’re working for me so far. I’m not injured, still moving on my downtime, and still coming back for more. I’m gonna start taking it easier on myself-and let Him take that part of me too. He already has the rest, I guess this is my Alamo moment. Let that final stand just go and let His light fully shine through all the aspects of my life. He continues every single day to carry me through to the end. To help me not get too knocked down when I hit the bumps. That’s true mercy, ’cause I’m keeping Him busy for sure! 🙂

Why it took me this long to see that, I dunno. I’m definitely still a work in progress, with a LONG way to go, so don’t take my sign away just yet! Next time I see that trainer dude I’m gonna thank him. Thank him for helping me push past that wall I was banging my head against and didn’t even see. I bet it turns out he was just bored while waiting for his next client…LOL. Thanks, God 🙂

Hoping your day was graced by an a-ha moment. If it wasn’t, at least something that made you smile and feel glad you caught that 🙂
Many blessings and much love to you this Wednesday night! Tomorrow it’s AUGUST….can you believe it?


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