High Five

I’m always amazed at how small moments can make an ordinary day more special. This morning I was taking a run down my street instead of the park. I passed the usual amount of people waiting for their buses, huddled over coffee or talking on their phones. I just go around and keep moving, which is pretty easy since they stay put while waiting. Sometimes I’ll come upon a rogue who wanders all over the place, large bags sticking out into my path. More of a challenge, I go around them using a tiny bit more effort. Kinda like the messenger bike guy in that movie “Premium Rush” (if you’ve seen that one, he has a trajectory thing, it’s hilarious!)

Passing one bus stop, I noticed a lady who was standing near the bench, in the middle of the sidewalk. I keep moving, trying to calculate a way out of certain collision, when she turns, moves to the side like opening a door, and smiles broadly. I smile back and give her the peace sign. As she waves I think about her being different. ‘Cause let’s face it, not many people pay attention to what’s going on around them.

On the way back , there she was again. Still waiting for the bus. She gave me the same wide smile and I gave her a high five which she was glad to return. When I continued on, I felt my steps lighten, my pace even out. I felt such a sense of peace that I didn’t expect. It was kind of like having done a good deed for someone, even though I really didn’t. I mean, come on, a wave? A smile? A high five? Do those count as “deeds”? I don’t worry about categories too much, but it does make my day when I can lighten someone else’s.

I know that God says in Ephesians 2:8 (I’m paraphrasing, forgive me) that you’ve been saved by grace, that it’s not your own doing that saves you-it’s a gift from God. It can’t be the result of your works, so don’t bother bragging about it 🙂 . I think that’s one of the the most important gifts anyone can ever get. Grace. Not just for a moment when you smile and pass by, but for life. If there are people we know or meet that don’t have that gift, we need to help them receive it!

It’s nice to have a little reminder like the one I had today about that. I hope wherever that lady ended up today that she is happy and doing well, whatever she’s up to. I’m thinking of her tonight, and actually still smiling!

I hope where you are tonight, that you’re finding a reason to smile. Have a wonderful Friday evening!



  1. It is the small things we do that can really make a big difference in someone’s day. That high five may have been the highlight of her day. May we all be willing to make a difference in the lives of others, even in small ways and hope they see Christ in us. Blessings!


    1. Blessings and peace to you, Shelly! Yes, I agree. It’s a wonderful thing to be a witness to all God’s doing in our lives by just “being there” for others. How wonderful the world would be if we all could share more love!
      Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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