We’ve been listening to a few of the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit messages over the past week. The convention is put on by “Prophecy in the News” (Gary Stearman) and features a lot of speakers who have some very interesting things to say about how the bible and current events are intertwined. I take all of this stuff with about a pound of salt, but some of it has me really mystified!

Case in point. LA Marzulli. He does this talk on the Nephilim and how they came to be. He gathers evidence he’s seen around the world that pretty much proves something weird was going on all over the place with some big characters. He claims that they are the offspring of the fallen one (Satan) and mortals and that God destroyed the earth (in Noah’s time and in Babylon) to get rid of them because they were an abomination. I don’t know about all the alien/human connection stuff (salt, see) but some of those photos of places built from stones (I didn’t take this shot, but it is from Cuzco, Peru) have me really thinking about how they can exist. ( I know God is the creator of everything, but rock walls? Why would He bother making those?)

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru

Amazing! There are virtually no seams in the wall large enough to put anything into. No mortar. No propping up. These walls and structures seem to appear around the globe. Stones WAY too large to be cut in quarries a hundred miles away, brought up into mountainous areas and then pieced together like that. Age old questions, I know, but HOW? They almost look puffy around the edges, like when you see that blown glass through a metal cage. Impossible!

Maybe that’s what Marzulli is getting at. These things were constructed by the fallen one and his offspring to convince people they could do miraculous things? That they indeed could also do wonders like the Father? That lost people who don’t and didn’t believe in God would believe in whomever created these impossibly built “wonders”. Maybe that’s it? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that regardless of some rocks, weird elongated skulls, and celebrities with 6 toes, the time is short and this kind of stuff is probably just a distraction from what we’re really supposed to be focusing on.

Taking time to interact and TALK to people all around us. Make sure that we’re the best examples of His teachings, so we can show others why they need to change their focus if it’s on stuff other than God. Help them to get to know Him if they don’t already have a relationship with Him. That’s probably the most valuable way to spend some extra time if you have some.

I’m gonna make a more conscious effort to get involved. Talk to people when I see them in the street, the gas station, wherever. It takes just a couple minutes to share a smile and a word. Even if that’s just a hi and have good day-it’s still a testimony to who you are, who He’s called you to be.

You’re a daughter or son of Christ. He’s calling us to help others. Maybe all I need to do is be willing to stop worrying about everything I think I have to do on any given day and focus on putting Him first. See what I can do to serve Him… ๐Ÿ™‚

A big HI and a HOPE YOUR WEEKEND ROCKS! to you! Sleep well ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: In the shot I did take, I didn’t put the rocks like that, or arrange the bird. God did all that and just pointed my head toward it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like that there’s no mystery there, way easier for a simple person like me to comprehend, fo sho!


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