Yesterday I got a call from my “agent” at large. Seems that after an hour long conversation (of course hard for him to get up the courage for…) it seems that it comes down to just one thing with him in regards to my “branding” and process.

Money. It’s just about the money and the time with him.

Granted, I NEVER would deny any professional the fair and required wage for their expertise, insight, guidance. Here’s the rub for me though, all of the talent I’ve been given, the art I’ve been led to create, the message behind it, all comes from one source. God. In no way am I anything other than a transmitter, a lens if you will, for His purpose. Yes, I live in the world and understand that it costs money to do things. (Working as a producer taught me this lesson the hard way.) I’m not saying anything against that. What I am against is the money being the FOCUS of this project (or any that I’m involved in). The motivator. The thing that drives it all. I wish him all the best, sincerely. He really was at a desperate place, I can identify. We’ve all been there.

Through prayer and honest conversation with God and R, I’m going with my gut. (it’s taken me YEARS to figure out “my gut” is God yelling at me!) I’m gonna publish this thing He’s calling me to do internationally on my own. He’s showing me the way. He’s given me the talent and the personality to do it. He’s also given me R, who is a lot like me (except more business minded, thank God!) and together we’ll get it into the hands of those who need it most. The people who need hope. Those who need an introduction to God and an opportunity to shake His hand. Those who need to see the positive side of this life and realize that they are loved and can love.

All in all, it’s been very good couple of days. Hurdles cleared. Bars raised a tad higher. Same stakes though, it’s all or none. I’m ALL IN for what He’s asking me to do. Hell or high water, I’m gonna see it through and do His will. I’ll let you know how it’s going…thanks for listening!

This rose was one of the first shots I captured since moving. Found in Hollywood off Sunset Blvd. while waiting for R in a meeting. This one is open and hopeful, which is exactly how I hope you’re feeling today!

Much love and peace to you and yours!



  1. grannyandthebaldguy · · Reply

    Good for you for listening to your gut and I always call that my God box where God leaves me messages if that makes sense.
    Pretty rose.


    1. It makes total sense, thank you for that! Thanks 🙂 I really like chatting with you!


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