Saturdays. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s been going on all week. For me, this is sort of the day that makes it all fade into the background. One of those times I can really see the bigger picture. I don’t know why, but the time seems sweeter. The minutes kinda pass a little more less noticeably. Maybe it’s the summer breeze, that smooth jazz I seem to always have on, maybe it’s all of that…

You know, taking vacations to places you’ve never been and getting away is cool. I always enjoy it, but I think what I love most is coming back to where I belong. I’m realizing that God put me here for lots of reasons. Nothing is by chance. He had something special in mind when He opened my heart and my eyes and called me to do something extraordinary for Him and those He loves.

He’s done that for you, too. You may not know it just yet, or maybe you do. He’s got a calling, a mission, a purpose for every single one of us. He’d love us all to know Him and find out what’s in store for us.

Some people call it “destiny”. Some like “fate”. I like “guarantee”. God promises (and He never breaks them) that there’s something good about every single day in your life. It depends on how your eyes and heart are lined up whether you can be ready to see it. I’ve had friends and relatives who see it all from the other side. That glass half full side. The thrive on pessimism, excluding others to make themselves feel better and bitterness. I used to put up with them because they were family. Because they were “friends” and we had history together. Not anymore. The toxicity of that kind of relationship, even if I didn’t feel the way they did, is now something I recognize right away and run from.

You are what you hang with and life is how you see it. I’m gonna keep my head up, my eyes open. I’m not looking for the sunset, I’m looking at the sunrise. Waiting for that light to come in and just turn my day to gold…

I hope that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing right now that you have light and love in your life! Happiness isn’t something you should be waiting for, just turn it around right now and get your head on straight 🙂

Much peace and many blessings to you today! Drop that top and go for a ride 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, yo!


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