We just finished watching this right on (but incredibly detailed) talk on health (the natural, Vitalistic approach, centered on your God given spirit) vs. the one focused on cash $ from the “medical” community. I found the information astounding, but not wholly surprising. R and I are stay out of the doctor’s office at all cost (save for broken bones or something that needs a bit more than rest and preventative care) people. We live by a cohesive system of natural foods, herbs and vitamins, and faith that life is meant to be lived fully and with God’s blessings.

God wants us all to live a healthful, happy, and full life. When we’re impacted physically by the environment we live in (it’s really hard to avoid everything!) that’s when we can become sick. I’m not talking “germs” sick, I’m saying that spiritual sickness can lead to physical stuff. That depending on medicines and doctors to “cure” things can lead to more things getting messed up. God does heal, but no, He doesn’t perform those “miraculous” cures on everyone. Sometimes it’s His hand that “recovers” us from what’s gone wrong. Recovery is just as important and long lasting!

The guy gave a lot of examples in the video that made me want to laugh and cry all at once. Like this one, “going to the doctor to get medicine (all prescriptions are virtually synthetic poisons) to “cure” you is like seeing that red idiot light on your dashboard come on and then going to the mechanic to just cut the wire to it. The light goes out and you think it’s “all fixed” until a little while down the road the car breaks down because you let all the oil run out! Totally spoke to me…

I’m going to stick to what’s working. I’m not a religious fanatic. I just live my life with confidence and faith. The assuredness that God has my life in His sights and sees that I have an ongoing relationship with Him. Really, it’s the relationship with Him that keeps it all working right, just like the oil in that car. You’ve got to monitor it. Watch that it’s taken care of and then trust that it’ll get you everywhere you need to go. Then you can relax, enjoy your ride and even though there’s the occasional bump or detour to watch for-you’re on your way, you’re moving forward. 🙂

Here’s the link to that video in case you want to check it out. It’s valuable, detailed and really well done. It is an eye opener for sure, so be prepared!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, whatever you’re up to!


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