Today again I got the “nudge” from God to get off it and get the publishing in the works. That bible is just like a telephone, it floors me every single time.

I was talking to R yesterday about a ton of stuff. (Everything happens when he’s outta town!) and I figured out that I wasn’t being “lazy” about getting on the publishing train per se, just kinda thinking of letting “Agent I” do the groundwork on the actual publishing. Leaning on someone else for once. The buck stopped there with a thud.

I have to do it myself (with His guidance of course) and drive it home.

When I ditched “Agent I” to go it alone, I floundered for a couple of weeks. I was kind of treading water. I did a ton of work on it at first, got it ready to go, but couldn’t pull the trigger. Now I’ve fully got my legs under me and I’m steaming on this thing, not only because God is yelling at me to-but because people need it. Once it’s published, I’m going to give a copy to everyone who asks me for help on the street. I’ll help them with food and finding time for God. That’s my plan.

Today I spent the afternoon doing a mock up to carry around to potential publishers and possibly a better lit agent (if I can’t crack the doors in a normal amount of time). Kind of a big business card. I hope it turns out as well as it looked online…today’s shot is one of the included. (I could only do 10 finals and their backstories) For now, it will be a good way to gauge perception, so I’m glad I did it.

I’m also on the horizon of learning another craft in my industry to open some more doors in preparation for the genesis of our production company. I know I’m gonna be swamped for the next few months with all of this stuff on my plate! I can’t help smiling though, ’cause I know that this isn’t a trial by fire, it’s a blessing. A smile from God.

You just don’t know how grateful I am for all of it. Especially the grace, ’cause I certainly don’t deserve it!

Tonight I hope you are feeling peace wherever you are. Breathing easy ’cause you’re loved…you so are!


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