My longtime friend Ms. D (I know, all my friends are names that start with D, it IS weird!) sent me this news story. A female bodybuilder died of a massive heart attack at age 49. Tragic. I don’t follow the sport, but I do appreciate the effort and discipline it takes to get there.

What did really grab me about the video I saw was the last post Terri made on FB before she passed on. Simple. Honest. Personal. I didn’t know her, but from her tone, she seemed kind. She mentioned she was having a big bowl of red velvet ice cream and then going to bed. She wished everyone a goodnight. Then she passed away, hopefully to be with the Lord.

I don’t personally post on FB or Twitter any longer. That was a personal decision I made awhile back because I wanted to have less involvement with social media. I do think there is value in it, millions use it every day to keep in touch and get news. I’m not saying that connecting on social media is wrong, it’s just not my thing. Thing is, most people do use it.

When we place that last post, blog or text what does it say about us? About our lives? Does it tell the world we were good people? That we were loved? That we were funny? What does it give someone who doesn’t know us about our lives? Here’s an even bigger question, what happens to our “pages” when we leave them? Do they stand as a testimony to us? I imagine them to be kind of virtual tombstones…that is pretty morbid, sorry. Isn’t that what they become? Touchstones so people who knew us could keep a connection to us by reading the entries. Seeing our ups and downs. Our triumphs. Our losses. What made us tick.

Those last words used to be left only for the ones who were with us when we passed. Whispered personal moments forever etched into the minds of our closest family and friends. Heard and never repeated. Remembered and over time they’d fade into the sweet haze that is the past. It’s simply not that way anymore. Black and white they blaze at us forever.

I am at odds with how I feel about the whole thing, I’ll be honest about it with you. I don’t know the motivation behind anyone’s involvement with social media, it’s a personal choice. (As it should be) What I do know is that I’m very secure in the position I’m in.

I’m saved. I’m living my life with enjoyment and appreciation for the One True God Jesus Christ who gave it to me. I praise His name with all I do, with who I’ve become because of His grace. I want to help others know Him so they can have the same wonderful things in their lives. Simply, I’m loved and so I love.

I realize not everyone in this world is on the same path, nor would they want to be. That’s what makes the world a place of never ending variety. Choice. The question for today is, what would you want to be remembered by?

I hope wherever you are in this great big world today that you’re happy and loving your life! Be well and be blessed! Talk with you soon!


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