Today instead of our regular service, we had a performance of “Where is the Love” by the Eastern Sky Theatre Company.  I hadn’t seen them or even heard of them, but in a word…moving.  I cried.  The story was well done.  A combination of the “christmas” story and “a Christmas Carol”  (I know that sounds weird, but trust me, it was cool!) rolled together with a modern twist.  Part drama, part interpretive dance, part vocal music=100% incredible!  A message of faith hope and inspiration, dealing with the pressures of this world, and remembering what God sending Jesus for was all about.


I posted their link above so you can check them out.  If your church is looking for a really talented group to come out and do a show, look them up.  Their pastor/leader husband and wife team are really wonderfully annointed as well.  You can feel the move of God through the entire group.  You can feel that they love bringing His message to people.  You can feel that they believe.  I think this makes all the difference.  God has called them to be witnesses and to share with others, for sure!

I hope you have a peacefully blessed Sunday, wherever you call home.  Much love to you and your family!


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