Sanity. Something I try to keep a semblance of in the blow by blow every day. Sometimes I feel my grip on it rock solid. The wind at my back, flying forward into the day like the phoenix form the ashes of the last. Sometimes, to be honest with you, not so much.

They say if you let the world wear you down, grind you up, spit you out-they win. I don’t think being overly competitive is the solution. I’ve tried that. 🙂 I’ve also tried the superwoman bit. The perfect worker bit. The amazing wife bit. All I got from those paths were a headache and an inner voice asking me whether I was crazy or not.

Crazy. Nope. Driven to do what I’m called to do, yup. I’m learning though, that you MUST (everyone must!) take time every single day to be thankful. Thankful to Him for the blessings (even if they don’t feel that way, they are blessings) we have in our lives. Big or small, it’s not always about money and “stuff”. It’s about way more than that. It’s about how you touch other people. How you help without even knowing you did a thing. Being a blessing to others, even in a tiny way. That’s what I want to focus on moving forward.

Right now, take a minute to do something to take care of yourself. Sit down and drink from an ACTUAL GLASS. (I hear you howling! No, I’m serious! This is always a goal of mine while I’m working…it’s harder than you think.) Stop eating your sandwich over the trashcan in some cafeteria, or in your car on the way to the next meeting. Sit. Rest. Replenish yourself for a few minutes. Then you can do so much more to help everyone around you.

Help them see that life isn’t always about the next buck or the bigger sale. Life is about how you touch others with just being you…so just do it. Reach out. Be yourself and let the light He’s given you shine through.

I hope today finds you inspired and ready to do all you’re called to. I hope your family is around you, and even if they can’t be, that you’re feeling loved. 🙂 Ciao for tonight!


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