OK. I’ll admit it. I like the music in Turbo Jam. Specifically the old stuff in TJ Cardio #2. There was a ripoff version of “Blame it on the Boogie” in there and I didn’t know that Michael Jackson did one with the Jacksons until I heard it on KEarth 101.

Of course that bunch of brilliance had to go on my running playlist this morning! Even more though, you HAVE GOT TO SEE THE VIDEO. Wow! I dare you to not smile when you watch it!

Simple. Fun. Just makes you want to dance! (Even R grabbed the mp3 from airdrop LOL)

Yeah, I know MJ had some problems toward the end. I don’t know if they are true or not. What I do know is that this man had talent given to him by God and this video is testimony to it. You can just see beyond the glitter into the boy who just LOVED to sing and dance. It was before the fame and the world got in there…Really, we can each take a lesson from that. We all get into the groove of our lives, our current relationship with God and “forget” where we came from. Basically, before we were saved, we were all lost out there. We’d never make it alone. God sent Jesus to be the door, the one way for us to make it into His inner circle. He saved us. I need to be cognizant of that…always. Thankful.

Somehow seeing this video makes me appreciate the little things even more today. Makes life a little sweeter when you’ve got some fun in there you didn’t expect 🙂

Counting my blessings and thanking Him for them today. How in the world would I get to where I’m going without God’s hand on my head pointing me in the right direction? I’m listening!

Hoping today is filled with little surprises (or big ones!) and you’re feelin’ the groove. Just give up and dance!


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