Superstition. Growing up, since my dad was South Korean, I had PLENTY of it in my everyday life. Funny things that I don’t even think really are “real” superstitions. Can’t kill white spiders, they’re good luck. (?) Can’t sleep with the head of your bed facing South. (??) Things come in 3’s. (??? Say what?) There were a million more. Sadly, I never got to rearrange my room in a way I liked, due to the South clause.

Today is one of “those” days, Friday the 13th. I don’t believe that today is any weirder than any other day. Scores of folks do though, I think. It all comes down to the “luck factor”. Luck. So many cultures believe in it. Chance. Coincidence. Fortune. (Good or Bad)

A while ago I stopped thinking there was anything in this world that was by chance. No such thing as coincidence. Believing in God has shown me that if we just let go and live by faith, we see that His plan supersedes all that stuff. He has a destiny for each of us. We don’t have to buy lottery tickets, wish on falling stars, or pick up pennies to be blessed. We ARE BLESSED, simply because we have faith and believe in Him!

That being said, don’t freak out today. Throw away your rabbit’s foot and your worrystone. You’re a believer who has the inside scoop on how to live a prosperous and wonderful life. Just share that “secret” with someone else who needs it! 🙂

Hoping your day is running like greased lighting towards a weekend filled with good stuff! LET GO AND JUST LIVE WELL!


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