What is the pull with mobile phones? I use one, like everyone else, but it has me wondering about the motivation behind it. Not just the loss of privacy, but the symbolism behind them. This weekend the “new” iPhone was announced and we’ve been hearing about its “wonderfulness” all over the place. Podcast after podcast they’re touting the features, which really aren’t very different from the current model. (the iPhone isn’t all that great, I have one and it works well enough, but technology wise it’s a meh) What is different about the new model is the color or the material it’s made of.

In a single glance, everyone will know if you have the “newest” one. Shiny gold or silver. That will be the choice. (Funny that they’re metallic gold and silver like trophies in your pocket) Nobody will get the “cheaper” version, it’s plastic and it costs less. How ridiculous is all that? People are definitely into this competition. To have the “better”, the “newest”, the most ostentatious (you fill in the blank) whatever it is.

When did we stop caring about the things in life that were tangible to our souls instead of stuff like this? When did we start “worshipping” technology companies and those who created them? When did everybody give up caring about interacting with real people instead of computers, mobile phones, and online games? Have we become more advanced because of it or less?

Don’t get me wrong, communication ability is a good thing. Emergencies happen. Events happen. Sometimes you have friends and family far away. It just seems that lots of people (especially those I see driving CRAZY around town!) are preoccupied with it. Everyone from the elderly to the kids in strollers are texting, tweeting, yelping or playing games on them. I’m just wondering if this is a trend or is it here for good?

Could you imagine if God had a facebook page? What if God used twitter? What do you think He’d say? Do you think He’d reach more people who used those kinds of social media to communicate? Would prayer by text message be the same as when you speak it out loud? Would the answers be the same if they came to your phone in an app?

I think for now I’m gonna stick to the standard communication way with Him… 🙂 Seems to be working for me, I bet it is for you, too! (And no, I’m not getting a new phone…I’m gonna hold out till mine doesn’t work anymore and see where it lands then!)

I know you’re out there somewhere having a FANTASTIC weekend! I hope you’re enjoying your family and friends. 🙂 Be well and God bless you and yours!


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