Man. Today was one of the weirdest days on record around here! We started off getting stuff done double quick. While he went for a workout, I ran a couple of errands and we decided to meet up downtown at a parking structure. Easy. Coasting downwards to the weekend…

Errands and workout done, we meet in front of the structure and I tell him the car is on 5. Heading for the stairs, R decides the elevator is a better idea. I usually avoid them in parking structures because for some reason, homeless people think they are a restroom. They reek. Against my better judgement we get in one. Immediately it is stuck. No movement, no button response. Sigh. Hot. Stinky. Not too fun. (Not to mention R just ran 5 miles and he’s not smelling like a rose, LOL.)

My mind is racing. What do you do? After calling on the little phone (actually just a button that connects to someone somewhere) the operator tells us to keep punching the “door open” button. “It’s not working” we tell her after going through it with her over and over again. That’s all she’s got to suggest. We wait for the Calvary, about 10 minutes. Finally R tries to PRY the door open, because I could hear buses, I think we’re still on level one. After a couple of tries. We slide it open. Yup, level one. Not a soul in sight. Triumphant, we trot up the stairs and find the car…

Thing is, the whole time we were stuck, I was thinking, who’s gonna get this thing working? How’s it gonna get figured out? Movie scenes flashed through my head. We’ve all seen them. People stuck for hours in elevators…mysteriously having heart attacks and lapsing into insulin comas…nightmare stuff! Point is, in reality it wasn’t that big a deal. I made it one in my head. It worked out just fine.

The whole thing made me think about the everyday stuff a little more. How difficult do I make things that aren’t a big deal sometimes? How many times have I stressed out over something dumb and wasted a perfectly good opportunity to experience something new? Maybe that’s what God was trying to tell me today. (No, He wasn’t saying avoid elevators and stick to the stairs, I hope!). I think He was saying, keep your eyes open and be ready for the bumps in the road, ’cause when you dodge ’em you get a different point of view. A new perspective on the path. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since the path comes from him, I think it’s safe to say, OK. It’s safe to step out in faith and explore.

Now I’m wondering where else we can get stuck so I can see it differently! LOL! (Sorry, but I’m still staying out of elevator/toilets, I’m not that brave ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’m sending you wishes for a fantastic weekend filled with everything you love to do and the people you love to see. Have a great Friday night and talk to you tomorrow!


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