HOLD THE PHONE! I know the crazy color has been creeping in, I’ve seen it on my runs. Everyone from old men to kids are wearing brightly colored kicks. There’s almost a neverending array of shoes. For every kind of foot, gait, style…pretty overwhelming. It kind of looked like a circus in there today when I stopped by to try and cure, no wait, alleviate my impending plantar fasciitis. (I also have need for stability. So I was going for healing cushy/stability/trail LOL! There’s a fantasy right there!)

The last few days I haven’t been running, my heel has been hurting. I figured out online (doctor that I’m not, LOL) that it’s not skeletal, it’s definitely in the meaty part, so that seems good. It stopped hurting all together after a few days of rest and I was able to run today no problem. (Relief!) It’s all tied to a certain pair of ballet flats (I figured this out because I wore them all afternoon and now it hurts again!) so I guess those babies are toast.

The website did caution that you can get such damage from wearing worn out shoes to run in. I’m a firm believer in rotating them for even wear between an “A” pair and a “B” pair. R thinks I’m nuts, but it seemed to really help when I was race training-so I just kept it up. Shoes now seem to last me about 2 months because of my high mileage and my heavy/tall frame. Just when they get broken in, they’re broken down!

Now I know why my old neighbor (who was an ultra runner) had a million pairs of shoes that all looked brand new out by his trashcan pretty often. That seems like such a waste, but you only need so may pairs to mow the grass or for “emergencies” in the trunk of the car πŸ™‚

Maybe that’s a charity that needs to be created. Some people just genuinely need some shoes, ’cause they don’t have any! How can we get this kind of thing working? How could we get them collected and to those who could use them? “Runners w/Soul” πŸ™‚ My church has a thrift shop, I bet I could set something up…I’ll let you know how it goes πŸ™‚

Hoping you had a wonderful Monday out there! Be well and be blessed πŸ™‚
Much love to you and your fam!



  1. Most, if not all, running specialty stores take shoe donations.


    1. That is an AWESOME TIP! Thanks for that!
      Have a great week, Monday’s in the can, so it’s all downhill from here!


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