I noticed this morning in the newspaper that there was an exhibit for a street artist here in LA who does his paintings on cardboard. These pieces are all pictures of guns and sell for $1,000-$6,000 apiece. Yes. Guns. Cardboard. Spray paint.

Look, I’m not an art critic. I’m an artist who does appreciate the urban art (and tons of art that seems out there…) I see some places all over town, I even stop to take pictures of them sometimes. But guns? I just think that it’s part of the “signs” that we’re seeing all over the place that our society is getting its signals crossed about what’s valuable.

No. I don’t live in Mayberry. I know the times are different. I’ve seen them change even over the course of my 4+ decades here. The simpler things have given way to way too invasive technologies. What used to be sacred and even kind of hidden is on every channel, billboard, screen, and airwave. Private moments are now public information. Moments that are applauded, valued, worshipped, imitated, posted and watched by millions. Forever out there for anyone to see.

I don’t think we can “go back”. You can’t just “stop” it all. Once the scales are lifted (good or bad) then it’s over. What I do hope is that we can look a little deeper. Rise above it. Take a moment to look inside and ask who are I here for? Am I here because I want to help others see the truth? Help them to see that they have value; that they are important to God. That He wants to build them up, pull them out of the muck of this world and give them more…or am I here for me?

For right now, we have to live in this world, but we don’t have to be “of” it. It is really hard to stay focused on what’s the real deal. We can only do it with His help. We can’t do it on our own. I’m not struggling tonight. I’m not confused about my choices. I hope that you’re also weathering the storm, share that light and love with everyone you meet. 🙂

Much love to you and your family on this Sunday night…be well and be blessed in the coming week! Talk to you tomorrow!


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