Tonight we re-watched “Deep Impact”. I don’t know if it was because we’ve been thinking a lot about ISON (and if there was any premonition about it in the movie), or if we were just in the mood to see a movie that really makes you think about what a big event could do to society. I definitely think that “DI” is very soft in the way people would react. Course that was 1998…times were a little more simple then.

I’m noticing all around me that so many are afraid to give up the “way of life” they’re used to. Not that I’m not afraid of new territory, but hey, we’re all heading into uncharted waters now. Denial is all over the American and European newscasts. People are playing the guessing game with regards to this current government shutdown. Will we lose our jobs? What if they shut down the banks? What happens to the people who depend on government subsidies to make it? (public schools, military families…it’s a big list!) Unprecedented.

What really strikes me most is that MORE people aren’t up in arms over it. They of course show us the token few who picket the loss of their jobs or get ticked off because the $50K wedding they planned in a National Park was cancelled (!), but for the most part there’s silence from the fray. How is that? The country is on the verge of a public (’cause it’s really already been happening for years now in a covered up way) economic meltdown; and we’re still selling gigantic cheeseburgers and wondering what to put on layaway for Christmas. We need to wake up and check in, here!

Where does God figure in it all? For Christians, most I’ve been in contact with are taking more time in prayer. I’m personally spending more time this past few years dialing in with Him. Building my relationship with God. More and more people are coming online with prophecy reports. Whether or not they’re accurate is sometimes hard to determine, you have to be careful with your sources, but you know this. Others are also of course on the flipside of this coin. “Debaptising” themselves with online certificates. Publicly renouncing their faith. Blatantly choosing the “other” side. Still more are in the middle. Riding that fence or not even awake enough to know they should be making a choice. Truly, many don’t even realize that all this is happening and will be shocked when it all falls apart.

Sorry to be on the lowdown tonight, but it’s really on my mind. You are all really on my mind.
For all that believe, there is hope! I just got this verse and interpretation from the Holy Spirit from my study in the word:
Daniel 6: 19-22
” For those who truly believe, God will astound others by protecting you against seemingly impossible odds!”
v. 22:
“My God hath sent His angel, and hath shut the lion’s mouths that they have not hurt me…”

I’m sending you peace tonight…love and continued support to you and your family wherever you are. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a smooth transition to the latter part of the week. Be well and God bless you all!


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