Celebration is on top of my list today! My wonderful friend, D’s daughter just had her baby! Everyone is doing well and we’re wishing them all the joys that God can send their way in life…

I was thinking about the baby’s arrival just a couple of hours ago…I even asked R when she was due, ’cause it seems like a long time coming! It was such a wonderful surprise to see her text just a short time later.

I had the huge pleasure to do some family portraits for them this Spring. D’s daughter embodies the strength and spirit that God lights her with. She has a quiet side as well, and lots of words unspoken. I love her grip on reality and the natural way she presents herself and admire her ferocity for life. This particular shot of her seemed to capture that inner side she protects with determination. She’s a beautiful young woman who will no doubt make a wonderful mother.

Lifting her up today, may God continue to bring her peace and grace as she starts on her new journey nurturing her little one. Congratulations, Ms. J!

There’s just something so positive in the air today, I’m hoping that wherever you are, you’re feeling energized and ready to tackle everything that flies your way! Much love to you and your fam πŸ™‚


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